Steller Pools install concrete pools which provide you with a limitless range of pool design possibilities and options and offer fibre-glass pool options in partnership with leading manufacturer Summertime pools. We are 100% Australian made and owned.

Our swimming pools are backed by a 30 year structural warranty. Add enjoyment and value to your property and call Steller Pools for a free no obligation quote today.

Please note: Pool measurements are external & pool depth is wall height. Measurements are approximate.

Fibreglass Pool Options:

4m Hudson

6m Hudson

5m Taigen

9m Taigen

11m Roman

6m Corbree

7m Corbree

8m Corbree

10m Corbree

7.1 x 3.5m Mishadel

7.1 x 2.8m Mishadel

8m Mishadel

9m Mishadel

6.3 X 3.3m Lozza

6.3 x 2.8m Lozza

8m Benbec

9m Benbec

10m Benbec

Enhance Your Lifestyle. For more information about our pools, call 0407 225 033 or request a call back from Steller Pools today!

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